Your video marketing needs to be lean, mean, and mobile

Posted on March 31, 2014 in SEO

video-marketingYour video marketing strategy must be a solid investment for your company. It is, most assuredly, the age of video so you must be prepared. Many sites offer premium outlets for your message so you need to be there. In addition, mobile is where many of your potential customers are so you need a strategy for being there and being there effectively.


  • Though the mighty YouTube remains the most active video outlet in the world, there are other options you may want to consider for your video marketing strategy. Vimeo is a video platform you may wish to consider. It is a paid platform but their users are extremely loyal and they expect quality. One great advantage to trying Vimeo is that, unlike YouTube, it does not post lists of related content. This prevents your competition from being listed right there with you without doing any work.
  • You must ramp up your content here to an extremely professional level. This should be a standard rule of thumb for your productions. There more serious you are, the more seriously you will be taken. In addition you must engage your audience quickly and for the long term. It’s about building relationships much like your social media and website content is.
  • Ignoring mobile with your video marketing strategy is, most assuredly, a serious blunder. Recent figures reveal that spending on digital marketing tops the four billion dollars a year mark.
  • Going mobile means keeping things to an extreme point. Don’t waste anyone’s time. The shorter and more informative, the better. Hunt down the demographics and head to a channel and outlet that has your potential customer population. Then, make your content relevant to them. Show them how you can improve their lives in some way.
  • Humor is always a big hit and humor stays with people. Your name recognition will be stronger and your brand will be more memorable and trusted. Your video marketing strategy need to be well thought out, well planned and well executed. If not, it is quite likely that your competitors will outshine you.