YouTube Makes Video SEO Easier

Posted on August 23, 2010 in Video Marketing, Video SEO

Liz Pratt is the Marketing Communications Manager for SearchPro Systems.

YouTube just keeps rolling out more and more new ways to make video SEO easier and faster for businesses trying to market themselves online! First they offered closed captions, then they redesigned the mobile site, and now they’ve announced a huge new grant program that could be a sign of progressive things to come.

YouTube Partner Grants is a $5 Million grant fund that YouTube is offering in order to help make video content creation easier for those who don’t have huge creative support or advertising budgets. They’ve seen that there’s a ton of amazing content already out there (enough to make a movie with, apparently.) As video becomes more and more important in our lives, everyone should be able to create quality content even if they aren’t backed by a giant budget. People watch tons of video content every day, and it would be a huge mistake to ignore the potential gains from VSEO marketing. Unfortunately, not every small business can afford a full-service marketing firm, and affordable VSEO and video content production can be marked up exponentially by companies that don’t specifically focus on those needs or understand the needs and requirements of small businesses.

Partner Grants will be made available to YouTube Partners only, and YouTube is going to choose the potential recipients based on views, subscribers, growth rate, engagement, and expertise. Those chosen will be invited to submit a proposal, and a select few will be given money to use for equipment, software, marketing and advertising expenses, talent, and more. It may be frustrating to some that open submissions aren’t being accepted. However, VSEO can be more affordable than you might think even without a special grant. Try to find a marketing company that focuses on affordable, flexible VSEO solutions. Some should offer special pricing for small local businesses, and will work with you to create a package that fits in your budget in order to get you top Universal Search page rankings without taking hours of your time or costing you half your profits.

In the future, we hope that this $5 million grant will grow into something bigger and more accessible. But for now, don’t let the high price of video production hold you back. It doesn’t need to cost tens of thousands of dollars to create high-quality VSEO content.

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