2018 SEO marketing stats that will stun you

We are at the halfway point of 2018 and already the marketing stats are pouring in. It can get to be a rather confusing playing field out there so research can always help to validate your marketing efforts and give you a sense of what everyone else is doing. The following stats concerning the current state of search engine optimization have come from several research quarters including Google.

  • Google gets over 100 billion searches every month and half of those are longer than four words.
  • As of right now, around 22% of all businesses, regardless of size, are pleased with their online conversion rates.
  • The first listing on a desktop Google SERP is averaging a 34% click through rate. It’s 31% on a mobile search.

  • For every $92 companies are spending on acquiring new customers, it is only costing them $1 to convert them.
  • Over 80% of customers are doing online due diligence before they decide to buy a product or service. Mobile ecommerce accounts for 30% of all commerce done in the USA.
  • Nearly 75% of all customers that did a local search ended up visiting a store that was within five miles of where they were. Also, 30% of all searches done on a mobile device actually related to a store location. Nearly 80% of all mobile local searches resulted in a purchase of a product or service.

  • It is all about what they are looking for as 65% of all mobile searchers are looking for a product or service before they consider a business. Nearly 80% of searchers are doing voice search using Siri, Alexa or Cortana AI with 20% of them doing so on a daily basis.
  • For mobile searchers, 43% are doing it on their mobile device because it is the easiest way for them to do a search. Over 50% of them have said that they have found a company that they didn’t know about while doing a mobile search and over half of them begin their searching at a search engine.
  • SEO marketers, over 40% of them, state that the most difficult part of SEO marketing are the forever changing search algorithms.  Over 70% believe that the creation of relevant and engaging content is their most effective SEO weapon.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer