4 content strategies you must have for 2016

untitled Content marketing is the most vital aspect of your overall SEO marketing efforts. Nearly 40% of all B2C companies are deploying it and slightly over 60% of all B2B businesses, of all sizes, have been doing it to great success.

So, what strategies do you really need to put into place for 2016?


Mix it up. You need to be doing more than posting blog articles

Your blog articles are posted on a regular schedule and they are engaging and informative. That’s great, but you can’t just stop there and expect the leads and the conversions to pour in. Infographics pull in 60% more traffic than any other kind of content. Also, you need to be producing and posting videos and even webinars. Don’t shy away from ebooks, special reports or podcasts either.


Size really doesn’t matter and neither does audience

When it comes to putting together and effective content marketing strategy, size really doesn’t matter. Companies large and small all benefit from it and its immediate ability to begin to establish and enhance any brand. In addition, B2B as well as B2C companies have all benefited from a long term and regular content strategy.


People will always love a deal so give them plenty of them

Many businesses shy away from offering discounts and coupons. This is a mistake as these two things are powerful draws and will increase your traffic. Offer these whenever and wherever you can especially out at your social media platforms. Also, don’t be afraid to offer something for free especially valuable information. Giving this information away establishes you and your company as immediate experts in your field or industry.


Measure. Measure. Measure.

You must measure everything and calculate your ROI. If you don’t, you will have no idea whether your SEO and content marketing campaigns are actually effective. You must know and measure everything from your bounce rate to visits to social shares to your cost per lead. What is your conversion rate? How many inbound links did you pick up? How much revenue is coming in? How long did visitors spend there?

– Written by Kevin Sawyer