Are customers demanding more video?

As online marketing continues to refine itself, it is important to consider where it is going in the near future. While your SEO always needs to remain strong, it seems that video has really begun to play a significant role in the success of any company’s marketing future. But, are consumers actually demanding more video? Has video begun to displace other strategies? Some recently published data from Animoto suggests that consumers are, indeed, looking for more video. The following comes directly from that published research:

  • Consumers rated video the #1 most helpful form of content when shopping online.
  • 93% of businesses landed a new customer after sharing a video on social media.
  • 83% of consumers said they’re likely to check out the social media page of a brand or product they’re interested in.
  • Consumers said how-to videos are their favorite type of content from brands.
  • While marketers intend to invest the highest ad spend on YouTube in 2022, consumers will be flocking to TikTok to browse, discover, and purchase.
  • In 2019, 24% of consumers said they made more purchases due to social media than the previous year. That number rose to 35% in 2021.
  • 39% of consumers watched more video ads on social media than on TV in 2019. This year, that number rose to 58%.
  • 94% of marketers said paid video ads had a positive ROI for their business.
  • The top 3 actions consumers take after watching a brand’s Instagram story are: visiting the brand’s website, following the brand, and visiting the brand’s Instagram Shop.
  • 74% of consumers visit social media more than once a day, with 64% watching social videos at least once a day.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer