Are search engines critical to your success?

Most successful companies invest in their online marketing strategy especially when it come to search engine optimization. But, are search engines all that critical to your long term success? Having a clear understanding of what the search engines are, especially Google, and how your potential clients and customers interact with them, could be some critical intel you will need to move forward. Some recently released data from Cloudwards will give you that inside look at search that may mean a huge difference to your bottom line. The following is take directly from that published data:

  • It’s no surprise that Google Search, the most widely used search engine of all time, owns the vast majority of the global search market. According to Statcounter, Google made up 91.94% of the global search market in December 2021, followed by Bing at 2.86% and Yahoo at 1.5%.
  • Around 46% of all Google searches are searches for something local to the user.
  • Backlinks play an important role in boosting a web page’s SEO score, but 66.31% of web pages don’t have a single backlink, and 26.29% have fewer than three.
  • BrightEdge Research reports that 57% of all search traffic is mobile. Consumers are now more likely to use a smartphone or tablet to perform searches on the web, whereas 43% of searches are on desktop.
  • Around 51% of customers say that they usually discover new products on their mobile devices. Companies are able to attract a lot of customers by having mobile sites, as 69% of smartphone users have stated their preference for purchasing from mobile sites more often than desktop sites.

  • Organic search continues to be the main source of trackable website traffic. Organic search makes up 53.3% of all web traffic, while other channels, such as social media, trail behind.
  • BrightEdge Research reports that technology and B2B companies make roughly twice the amount of money from organic search alone than from all other channels combined.
  • Search results have a significant influence on the purchasing habits of their users. Google reports that 39% of purchasers made their buying choices as the result of a relevant search.
  • Users are far more likely to click on organic search results than ads. About 47% of respondents to Moz’s report said that they “rarely or never click on ads,” and 25% said they clicked on the “organic results much more than the ads.”
  • The future of online search, and the internet in general, appears to be headed toward mobile. It’s not surprising to learn that 57% of search traffic comes from mobile devices when smartphones and tablets are more ubiquitous than ever. They’re less expensive than desktop computers and they’re far more portable and convenient to use.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer