Are the influencers noticing you?


If it is one thing that can boost your traffic, and your bottom line, it is the influencers. These are people who are highly informed, for the most part, about your business and industry and hold great sway over a particular audience. The Gen Yers and the Millennials are extremely sensitive to peer reviews as well as what the noted experts have to say about just about anything.

While bringing in the influencers in your business or industry can be an almost instant boon for your traffic and brand awareness, it can also be an extremely delicate and tricky matter to navigate.

  • The most important thing when integrating influencers into your SEO strategy, is to make certain that you know the players and that you try and persuade the right ones to get to know you and promote you and your business. You need to know their audience and to be sure that they are the right fit for your business. You need to know that his or her audience are, indeed, potential customers. Also remember that you don’t have to always go after the big fish. Engagement, traffic, can be more important that volume.
  • Reciprocation is often the most effective way to your traffic. Find a couple of industry influencers that fit well with your brand and feature their work on all of your social media platforms. Tag them, of course and this strategy can make the influencer’s influence stand out more than it normally would because it is being featured in different places reaching similar audiences. Trying to create a win-win will increase everyone’s positive reviews.
  • Influencers are always looking for the next new thing. They like to be on the proverbial cutting edge. Make your content and communication reflect that when approaching them. And, of course, like any great sales rep, you must follow up with them. Be gentle and inconspicuous about it though. Spam them and they are, quite likely, gone.
  • Remember that your entire SEO marketing strategy doesn’t rely on them. Again, they are a great tool but remember how to use them. Make sure the influencer knows exactly how you want your brand to be talked about, tagged and portrayed. And, again, like any great sales rep or entrepreneur, it’a all about building that relationship.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer