Are you in the fast lane to Burnout City?

Burnout is the ultimate stalker. You are not even aware that it is hunting you until it is upon you and laying you low. Many people, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners, believe that they are somehow invincible and will never be the injured zebra to burnout’s fearsome lioness. Formally, the world of psychology defines burnout as a total collapse both physically and emotionally. So, how to know that you are in the fast lane to Burnout City?

  • One of the earliest signs is that you are almost always in a state of high anxiety which causes you to feel rather worn out, short tempered and tired all of the time and you become less and less engaged with your everyday affairs and responsibilities. You are also becoming more cynical and focused on the negative aspects of a situation. That is lowering your energy as negativity is a great predator and likely the most serious cause of burnout.
  • Other signs to be aware of are the fact that your diet is terrible if you even take the time to eat something at all. Your sleeping patterns barely exist at all which cause near chronic fatigue. Another important factor related to this is your addiction to your technology. For most people, sadly, their cell phone is an extension of their hand. The anxiety and exhaustion it creates over time is the same as any other addiction to say nothing of the constant radiation exposure.
  • You become highly critical of yourself and those around you. Again, the focus on the negative. Because of all of the aforementioned, you begin to attract illness to your body ranging from frequent headaches and stomach pains to sore muscles and cramps. This will also tie in with a feeling that you simply don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. This delusion is because you are overextended and participate in the ridiculous notion and practice of multi tasking. Because you have no focus, you are flying around like a crazy person actually getting little or nothing of consequence done. And, oh yeah, when was the last time you took a day off or went on a vacation?
  • Don’t think no one sees this. Everyone sees it. Take some breaks during your day. Go out and take a walk. You will be shocked how that little thing can refresh your mind and spirit. In that spirit, create and stick to a regular exercise program. It will improve your overall health, your sleep and your focus. Learn to meditate. It eliminates stress and helps you to focus on the present moment where everything in your life actually is. Hire the right people with the right skill sets so that you can delegate more of the load. If you have a family or significant other, make time to be with them and to enjoy them. They have been missing you lately. Just remember, if you are not at your best, you are useless to yourself and to all those who love and depend on you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer