Are you optimized for search intent yet?

113  With all of the recent search algorithm changes and updates, it is no longer a simple thing to write SEO optimized copy. No longer can you just crank out key words into an article that may or may not have value to a customer or client. No longer can you hire your high school aged nephew to write for you for a penny a word. Right now, search is all about intent. What is the searcher intent on finding and are you going to be found?

  • Now it is less about what people are looking and for and more about the why they are looking for something. This will be the major shift in your SEO marketing strategy as well as with your content creation.
  • The intent of a search can take on a few forms. People search for basic information as well as for a direct link to a company that is going to solve their problem. They also search for information that helps with their due diligence or with the final pulling of the trigger on a sale.
  • You can begin the transition with further optimizing the content you already have at your website be it product or service information or blog articles. Also, you need to make a study of your SEO marketing techniques all across the board especially as to how it relates to why someone ended up at your site.
  • Content will flow more easily, as will certain keywords, once you have begun to optimize your content so that it is relevant to your potential customers. You also need to incorporate a way to formally measure how well your new intent optimization is working compared to the content you have since replaced.
  • It’s all about the customer and their needs. It’s all about getting them to trust you. People want information about what they are interested in. They don’t want the hard sell. Build that trust through your new SEO search optimized content and with features on current customers who can help be brand ambassadors for you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer