Are your B2B vids actually hurting you?

One of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal is, of course, video. This holds true for both B2C and B2B companies. The challenging part seems to be that too few small businesses are using video and, more importantly, using if effectively. B2B is a whole different approach than B2C and video can be crucial to the recruitment of clients as well as the success rate of your overall conversions. Your current B2B videos may appear to be working but are they, instead, hurting you and working against you?

  • The most important thing to consider is the buying stage of your potential audience. Your video needs to be aware of where they are. Are they just becoming aware of you? Are they just considering you or are they ready to solve their problem? In addition to having videos that show your overall prowess, consider making three separate videos breaking down the unique challenges of each stage in the buying cycle.
  • Don’t babble and ramble on. Get right to it. Show them what they need to know and how you will solve their problem. Also, show them how you have helped others in their current situation. You have less than thirty seconds to grab them or they are gone. If you don’t know what you are doing, then find people that do understand how to make engaging videos.
  • Research shows that most people actually watch videos on their phones with the sound off. Keep this in mind and create some videos that will work just as effectively if there is no sound. When you do this, consider using captions or overlays of text explaining things as the video goes along.
  • Finally, too many amateur B2B videos have either no calls to action or they limp in at the end. You must integrate your calls to action throughout the entire video. Give them the motivation and then invite them to call you – now! Distribute your videos across a broad line of outlets.Too many B2B companies limit their exposure just to LinkedIn. Expand out and find new avenues to access. You may find new business in the most unlikely¬† of places.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer