Are your customers coming back?

Having customers who return time and again can be a make or break scenario for any business. This is especially true for an ecommerce business that relies solely on repeat traffic and conversions. Businesses who are not getting that repeat traffic simply aren’t making the effort to do so.

  • People want to be recognized and appreciated. These days, that is not as common as it should be. Even the simplest of gestures will go along way toward making that customer feel a loyalty toward you that is critical to their return. After each purchase send them a followup email that is personal and sincere. You will be shocked at how they will remember that.

  • In that vein, show your appreciation with a current reward and dangle the proverbial carrot for when they return. Send them coupons or a special gift for making their purchase today and offer special consideration for when they return. Take a lesson from the giant cable and telecom companies. They offer all kinds of deals and incentives for new customers but do absolutely nothing for customers who have been loyal to them for years.
  • Stay up on your analytics and track their purchases so you can make the right offers at the right time. For instance, if they just bought a mattress from you, send them coupons on bedding and pillows. Staying on top of your loyal customers is a full time job. Don’t treat it as anything less and they will always come back.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer