B2B lead generation stuck? Here’s why…

When you are running a successful B2B business, you know that lead generation is one of the leading factors for success. Often a small B2B business will set up lead generators that may work fine at the start but then things seem to drop off, stall, or not seem to be working at all. Far too often, however, original systems put into place are deficient and ineffective right from the start. Here are a few possible reasons why that just may be.

  • The first challenge is that you are not setting things up in a similar fashion to a B2C lead generation system. Most of the time if a potential lead clicks over they end up at a home page. This, of course, is almost useless to a potential prospect. The home page is often too confusing and there are far too many navigation choices. Whatever a particular lead generator is featuring, make certain that the potential client lands at a specific landing page featuring info on exactly what they are looking for.

  • Some recent research has revealed that almost 80% of all B2B landing pages have almost no calls to action. Without calls to action, you are just hanging out there in the wind and your potential clients really don’t know what to do. Your calls to action are crucial to taking their hand and leading them all the way to conversionland.
  • Don’t be generic. If you can’t show them why you are different, and better, than your rivals then they may just shrug and head over to your competition. Lack of followup (really?) is also a major cause for why B2B lead generators are malfunctioning. Potential business is checking you out and you do nothing? Happens more often than you think. Not recognizing where potential business is in your sales funnel means that you just may have to dismantle everything and start again.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer