B2B video hacks that close sales

Recent research has revealed how critical video has become for B2B businesses. For the B2B company, video presentations are now a key component to closing sales and fueling growth. It seems that B2B customers have begun to watch as much video as the B2C customers though there are some significant differences.

  • Google, LinkedIn and others have revealed research that has begun to show the new found importance of B2B video. Around 70% of B2B customers are integrating video into their buying cycle and nearly 80% of B2B companies have reported that video is an important part of their overall marketing efforts.
  • The differences between the B2B buyer and the B2C buyer are significant. The B2B buyer is not likely the one who is making the final purchasing decision. In addition, these first line buyers must also somehow be able to defend their decision to purchase from you to someone who has the final decision making power. This is where video presentations can be a powerful tool in closing the sale.
  • The challenge with closing that B2B sale is how the video presents itself. The most effective of them all is the one where you show actual case studies, actual current and past clients using your services. The buyers themselves have to convince others that your company is the one they need to run with. Because of this, they have no use for vague promises or being told how wonderful you are. That may work with most B2C situations but will fail in a B2B situation. Like you, your prospects are looking for results. They actually want to see you solve a similar problem for other previous clients. This way, they can actually see you in action and be better able to evaluate you.
  • Case studies are a huge weapon because research has it that nearly 85% of all B2B purchasing decisions begin with an initial referral. The case studies are the social proof that the B2B decision makers are looking for. Show them how you have solved problems and how your clients are better off than when they first came to you.
  • Creating a documentary type of video also eliminates the need for a physical sales rep in many cases. The videos can be filled with emotion and your videos will be the sales rep. In addition, your videos can be shared and loaded up at your site as well as at all of your social media platforms. Your B2B videos just may be the sales boost your bottom line has been looking for.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer