Do you B2B’s need to be stepping up your social media game?

For B2B companies, social media marketing needs to be a bit more intensive than it is for those B2C companies. If your conversion rate isn’t what you would like it to be out in social media land, then perhaps it is time for a new strategy because the one you have been using doesn’t seem to be working.

  • Avoid doing what everyone else seems to be doing like sending a follow up email after you have found some prospects at a trade show. Everyone does that and, for the most part, it doesn’t work out all that well. You end up putting in an incredible amount of time to pick up maybe one client. Instead, head out to their social media platforms. Find out where they are and follow them. Engage with, and comment on, their content. If you follow them, it is likely they will follow you also and bring along any B2B potentials that they may have as followers.
  • Speaking of email fails, most fail because they are so boring. Why not inject an infographic or a quick video into an email? Also, make sure you put a postscript in both the subject line and at the end of the email. Promote something with the P.S. such as your content or an opportunity for a potential client to save big and solve a problem at the same time.
  • Promote and direct message as if your hair were on fire. One of the big fails these days is that most B2B’s are not promoting their content at all. They have no working strategy for getting their content out there at the social media platforms. Promote your content in your emails as well as at all of the social media sites you are on and that you follow. If your bounce rate has been significant of late, or even if it hasn’t, retarget all of that content anyway. Only around 2% of all traffic converts the first time they visit and it, generally, it takes about seven exposures to make a sale. So, retarget and reel them in. Also, use the major social media channels to direct message potential clients. Since nearly everyone under the age of fifty has their phone permanently attached to their hand, it is easy to get the message out at least once a day. Build that brand awareness and they will come to trust you in the long run. Awareness and trust, of course, means more business for you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer