Is this the biggest SEO mistake you can make?

Posted on February 3, 2017 in Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Services

When it comes to your SEO marketing strategies, there is little, if anything, you can leave to chance. You and your team, be it internal or professionally outsourced, are doing everything seemingly right. Is there more you can be doing? Is their some glaring mistake that has you overlooking a strategy that can drive more traffic?

There is indeed and that mistake may very well be your absence of distribution and the accumulation of backlinks. Google has made some significant changes to it search laws over the last couple of years and one of the things that really matters now is what Google calls domain authority. Having other websites post links that lead back to you shows the Google gods that you are an authority on what you sell. Sounds rather simple but the execution can get a bit tricky.

So, now, your SEO strategy does, indeed, become one of distribution. Your content distribution that is. You may be publishing content a couple of times a week to your blog but if no one is reading it, it becomes useless to you. It ends up becoming the equivalent of a novel that is never going to be read by many, if any. What you need to do is get that novel out into a metaphorical bookstore; get some distribution going.

Where can you go to get your content marketed and posted on other sites? That must take some of your SEO due diligence time everyday. Marketing your content, articles or videos, takes time to set up. You need to research and find those compatible sites. This is where your time and energy need to be especially if you are not ranking all that well of late. Find a half dozen or so businesses that could benefit from working together to enhance everyone’s traffic. Reach out and suggest some content marketing ¬†and link building. Find those influencer’s blogs in your industry or profession. Approach them with the idea of being a guest blogger with a backlink.

Your SEO strategy must become all about your distribution and the attainment of backlinks from friendly sites. Driving traffic is at the very core of your SEO efforts and working your distribution channels is an excellent way to do that as well as to increase your page rank over the long term.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer