How to boost your holiday ecommerce sales


The holiday season is on top of us, and for many businesses and companies, this is a make or break point time of the year. This is the time of the year where all of your SEO and social media marketing efforts should be paying off for you. There are a few things that you really need to be doing to make sure the finishing touches are there and that your ecommerce season will be successful. Your SEO marketing efforts have been driving the traffic. Now, it’s time for your ecommerce site to start making those conversions.

  • No matter where you go for your market research, it will all say the same thing. Around 70% of people who are surveyed state that the quality of the product images is the most important aspect of their buying decision. Spend the money, if you are not already, on quality photography. The image, they say, is far more critical than even the product descriptions or online peer reviews.
  • Of course, your product descriptions are important to the sale. You need to provide all of the information they could possibly need. The photo will lure them in but the description will determine whether they pull that buying trigger or not. If in doubt, go with a brief as well as a detailed description. If the customer is clicking deeper into your site, they just may be ready to make the purchase.
  • Don’t neglect the video because nearly 75% of shoppers who watch a video of a product will buy the product. Not only that but research shows that over 70% of shoppers find that video explains and sells the products better than just photos and text while another nearly 60% state that companies that have product videos are companies that can be trusted.
  • Almost 70% of shoppers actually abandon their shopping carts before buying. To help prevent this you must have as few steps as possible for them to get to the check out. There must multiple payment options and a clear and easy way for them to buy the product. Frustration is the leading cause of shopping cart abandonment.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer