Boost your position by keeping it fresh

Boosting your search position, or at least maintaining it, is the sole purpose of your SEO efforts. It must be an ongoing consideration as things change rapidly especially in terms of your competition and new rivals who have entered your field or industry. You know that you have been investing the resources and the time it takes to dominate the search results but there is always more to do if you want to stay relevant and stay atop the leaders in any SERP results.

  • Content, as always, is key. When was the last time you updated your content? Rewrite those headlines so that your older content seems fresh and keep those targeted SEO keywords intact while you include other long tail search phrases as customer intent begins to become more and more important in search. Add additional content and begin to invest the time in developing video content. The search bots and spiders are looking for what is new and fresh not information they have crawled through a thousand times before.
  • Take the time to check your internal links and get up some new and fresh pages. Make sure every page has a way for them to get anywhere else at your site. Those internal navigation links are critical to your SEO success as well as driving more conversions. Create some new landing pages for your products or services as well as creating additional ones. If you have content that talks about your products and/or services, make sure you insert links into that content to the landing pages for them.
  • Speaking of links, you need to insert as many external links as you can gather. Links that lead to other authoritative and complimentary sites sets you up as an expert in your industry or field and these links are a huge ranking factor. Try giving your pages and navigational button fresh new names. Install keywords with these new names. Rather than just being typical and boring “About”, stick a keyword after it to add a touch of immediacy.

Your SEO efforts are always a fluid and an on going challenge. Try to remain fresh and new. Never remain satisfied and staid because when you do that, you create an opening for your rivals to surge ahead of you.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer