Boost your social media followers right now

There are those companies out there that have over one million followers out at their social media platforms. So, how do the do it? Is it simple luck or is it strategic planning? Those companies that succeed out on social media tend to do so due to planning and diligence. Your social media platforms are one of your most important traffic driving tools and must be treated accordingly. Too many companies either never give it a second thought or put someone in charge of it that shouldn’t be in charge of it. Is it time for your business to start driving some serious traffic from your social media platforms?

  • The key to building a huge social media following is, of course, content. You need to know your audience and where they are, of course, but you also must know what they are looking for in content and the type of content they will share. Develop a couple of content strategies and test them out. Find the ones that they are jumping on and sharing and then continue along those lines. Video works great also and if you can keep them to under three minutes, you will see some serious uptick in your traffic.
  • When a particular content strategy just doesn’t seem to be working, you must pivot away from it right away. Remember also that what will grab your audience is a great engaging headline. Those are what people pause over. Those are what makes someone decide whether or not to bother clicking onto your content. Take your time to develop them and get some professional help if you need it. It is most definitely and art so be certain to have the best you can get writing those headlines.
  • Remember that, in the end, this social media marketing is not a cost but rather an investment in your future. You can’t do it half way. You must deploy the resources and the budget to make it work for you. Companies driving a million or more followers to their sites are doing just that. They know it is an investment and they know it will, given time, be worth the effort in a healthier bottom line.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer