Do your branding efforts need more emotion?

Your branding and marketing efforts will always determine your viability and your bottom line. There are times, however, when a small business needs to go beyond the standard SEO and social media marketing strategies and reach out to customers and potential customers in a more meaningful way. Perhaps it is time to infuse some more emotion into your branding and marketing? Nothing is more powerful when it comes to calls to action and driving customers to pull the buying trigger.

  • Engaging your customers emotionally means that you actually know who your customers are and understand them to the point where you just know what will interest them and engage them. You have made up a profile of your typical customer and you must already know what their emotional triggers are. You must know what is important to your customer. You must know what they are looking for. In this way, you can create content that targets their emotional responses to your products or services. In this way, your calls to action will be driving conversions most of the time.
  • Tying in your SEO and social media marketing, your branding strategy is always one that tells stories. Your branding is a story teller that makes people care, on an emotional level, about your company. Who are you and why should customers care? You have established your identity haven’t you? You must create an entire world where they will want to come to time and time again. Visual presentations are the key to creating that world, that environment where your customers can trust you. Giving them a place to come to that they can trust will be the success of your story telling strategies.
  • Expanding that out, emotional connections are made through emotional connections. Your social media platforms are your ideal place to do that. Become engaged with your customers and potential customers. Demonstrate that you care about their problems and are serious about solving them and bringing that added value into their lives. What are their emotional triggers? Is it fear? Is it uncertainty? Discover what those emotional triggers are and tell them a story about a place they can come to that will solve their problems and remove their fears.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer