Why your branding needs to go visual

When you are striving for brand awareness, visual content may be the key to your overall long term success. While your content development and production plays a huge part in your branding efforts, you must integrate visual elements for your brand awareness to have long term benefits for you and your company.

  • It all begins with your demographics and knowing who your customers and clients are and also where they will be located. Try and be different from your competitors and try and make yourself memorable. Your website needs visuals, images and color that flow one into another so as to not confuse the eye or become so busy and cluttered that your bounce rate soars through the proverbial roof. It is all designed to lead them to that sale.
  • Your logo means everything and much thought and effort needs to go into its design and colors. It will be an instantly recognizable representation of your company. The main reason that visuals are important is because they will trigger emotional responses in your audiences. Getting an audience to respond emotionally to your visuals, especially your videos, is the key to gaining their trust. If they like you and trust you, they will certainly buy from you.
  • Images and visual branding is especially critical to your success out at your social media channels and platforms. Again, it is the emotional pull. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are important platforms to make the most of this emotional tie with your customers and clients. As more and more marketing turns toward video, this is the ideal tool through which to strengthen your brand awareness and gain the trust of your audience. And, as always, you should be testing continuously. You can’t just send it out there and not monitor how it is doing for you. After a while, you will find that right combination of visual and written content that expands your brand awareness through the establishment of trust and through a constant demonstration of integrity.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer