Is your business ready for a little PPC action?

When it comes to considering a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign for your business, it can get rather confusing. There can be many benefits to launching a PPC campaign but you have to consider a few things before you do so. While a PPC campaign can get you noticed and drive some serious traffic in the short term, you really have to evaluate the current state of your business to see if now is the time to do it.

  • The most important thing to consider is the current condition of your website. Are you ready for a increase in traffic? Do you feel confident that you can make the conversions? You have less than four seconds to impress your visitor or they are leaving. Confusion is your enemy. A cluttered landing page will lose you the traffic you are looking for. Your landing page needs to be lean and everything there must be leading the visitor by the hand toward the sale. Otherwise, you are just wasting their time and your money.
  • A PPC campaign is not any manner of secret weapon. It isn’t instant gratification. You must integrate it with all of your other marketing strategies from your SEO to your social media marketing efforts. Recent research does state that when a PPC campaign is used in conjunction with all of your other marketing strategies, the effects can be huge. When your marketing is in the right place, it will enhance your PPC campaign because that campaign will be more focused and more lined up with your current marketing goals.
  • You must have someone who truly understands PPC and how to effectively apply it to your business. It isn’t likely something you will want to attempt on your own. Maybe you have someone on your marketing team or maybe you must rely on your SEO and marketing firm to do it right for you. They will know what will work for you and what won’t and they know how to effectively launch it so that you can gain the maximum advantage from it.
  • Finally, you must consider your marketing budget. How much to spend on a PPC campaign can vary widely. Your costs can quickly get out of control if you are not prudent and careful. It is useless to you if there is no manner of ROI at all when you launch a PPC campaign. Figure your budget down to the proverbial penny and factor is some unforeseen costs that may end up killing you if you didn’t plan for them.

-Written y Kevin Sawyer