Can email actually invigorate your rankings?

Can a well planned and executed email campaign strategy actually invigorate and boost your rankings? Research suggests that email will, indeed, play an important part in getting your page rank to where you want it to be. Sadly, so few small businesses put much stock in email as a proven marketing tool but email has a certain proven ability to drive traffic and positively influence your brand.

  • Some recent research published at Entrepreneur Magazine strongly indicates that traffic is being driven by two main sources: organic search and email campaigns. These are the two strongest channels through which people are discovering new businesses and finding new websites.

  • While your email stimulus isn’t something that the search engines can latch on to immediately, well planned and consistently executed email campaigns will, over time, have a tremendous influence on your SEO efforts and overall rankings. While it is little known, Google takes into serious consideration those sites and links that have an abundance of social movement and action. In fact, other recent research declares that the top SERP positions at Google, on certain inquiries, are those sites that are highly active at Google+ and at Facebook. To accomplish this, having your content shared more is excellent but an active email campaign can also generate the activity you need.
  • Another strategy you need to employ is an ongoing and vigilant effort to reduce your bounce rate. You only have three to four seconds to impress a visitor. If not, they are gone. This means your website design must be well planned and executed especially your landing pages and content that is relevant to those who have been driven there. You can SEO your brains out but if your bounce rate is high, Google takes immediate notice and your rankings will begin to plummet.
  • Incorporating an email campaign with email addresses you have gathered up over time can help decrease your bounce rates. By sending out an email reminder or special offer to those email subscribers, you are getting the traffic and they are staying rather than bouncing away. If you are doing a newsletter, which you should, remember to construct an archive of them at your site. This way, people can go in to see what they may have missed which will cut your bounce rate and will increase your traffic toward your products and services which, of course, gets them one step closer to that conversion.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer