Can you optimize your conversion rate?

Conversions are everything. It is the only reason for the existence of your website and your business. The challenge has always been to maximize your ROI with regard to the marketing efforts you are putting forth. This includes trying to maximize your conversion rate as much as you possibly can. So, how to maximize your conversions over the long term?

  • The most important first step is to really know your customers and where they are likely to be. You must profile your ideal customer or client and collect the appropriate data on them. What are they looking for? What pages are they visiting? How long are they staying? Why are they leaving? Engage them whenever you can either directly at your site or through your social media channels. The more intel you can gather, the more effective your conversion strategies will be.
  • Once you have your insights and data all lined up, you need to begin some serious A/B testing. It is the most efficient way to see what will actually work and what will not work at all. This will allow you to begin your optimization by setting up different landing pages for each of your products and services and to see which ones are bringing in the most conversions. Run your A/B tests for at least a couple of weeks. Having at least 100 or so visitors would be enough for you to gather enough data and to form some reasonable conclusions. Make your landing pages simple to navigate. Hold them by the hand and lead them all the way to the conversion.
  • The key to it all is your content, both written and visual. Your content must engage them and answer their questions with regard to who you are and what you do and as to why your company is the premier expert with regard to the problem they need solved. Keep detailed data and records and keep testing and improving. Eventually, you will have optimized your site to the point where you just may be astonished at the increase in conversions over time.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer