Can you use Cyber Monday tactics all the time?

Cyber Monday is the largest online shopping day of the year with sales looking to top a whopping $7 billion this season. The challenge, of course, like it is every day, is for your business to get noticed among the thousands of others who are vying for the time of the consumer at this particular time of the year. Using effective Cyber Monday tactics to generate traffic and revenue to your company can make your year. But, can you use them all year long?

  • Come Cyber Monday, offering the standard 15% or 20% just may not attract the crowd you are looking for. Is is better to increase your discounts and go for volume? What about 50% off a customer’s shipping cost? What about checking your margins and just offering free shipping? These are effective tactics that have been working for many companies for many years and a few hold them over and offer them all year long.
  • Rotate your stock all day long. It encourages people to constantly be checking your site to see what you are offering. Make it an hourly thing if you want and express that it is for a limited time only. Have those calls to action everywhere and put them under time pressure. Add to the urgency of the product offerings by showing a clock with a countdown to when the deal will expire.
  • Don’t forget to start your email blasts early and often with special discounts if they respond within a certain amount of time.This can also holds true for those shoppers who have a cart full of items but never actually checked out. Research suggests that nearly 75% of all shopping carts get abandoned before they actually check out. Have a strategy in place that can offer them added discounts if they return and finish purchasing their order. Cyber Monday is crunch time and must be attacked accordingly but isn’t every day of the year crunch time for you and your company? Is it time to consider using some tried and true Cyber Monday tactics on an every day basis?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer