Can’t go viral without a plan

Having a piece of content go viral is always a great boost to a company’s brand awareness and conversion rate. As a small business, you should want every piece of content you produce to go viral. That can’t happen, of course, without a plan. You can go viral but you will need to understand what makes a piece of content worthy of such a large audience. It isn’t always about a cat playing the piano.

  • The most important part of the plan is the emotional appeal. You must stir their emotions or the content isn’t going anywhere. Every great salesman and saleswoman knows that you can never sell anything using logic and reason. They know that only through emotion can you truly reach and sell your audience. You must affect them in such a way as they will want to share it.
  • Next, you must draw them in and show them how you will solve a pressing problem for them or how you will add value to their lives. You must allow your marketing and sales team to help construct your titles and your tags. They must demand that this piece of content be seen. No need to lie or deceive, just tell them why they need to see this now.

  • Encourage them to share your content and make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Also, make sure your content gets delivered to every possible outlet that will do you some good. Not everyone will need what you have to sell but you know who your customers are and you know where they are. Make sure you are where they are.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer