Clues that you need to do more marketing

vertragsverhandlungen  Far too many small business owners and entrepreneurs sit back and do nothing with regard to growing their business. Many businesses owners even declare that they have enough business so why continue to try and grow it? Who has enough business? You need marketing. It is one of the best weapons you have. There are certain clues, however, that will show themselves indicating that you do, indeed, need to do more marketing and you need to hire on people, or an agency, that knows what they are doing.

  • Is your marketing data and SEO data as important to you as your financial data? Without raw marketing data and analytics, it is almost impossible to be able to evaluate how you are really growing, if you are growing at all. Where are your customers coming from? Why are they coming? What’s your conversion rate and ROI on a customer?
  • If you are getting stressed out over SEO, advertising and marketing in general, it is time to put together a plan and get an experienced marketing person or agency involved. Also, if your concept of marketing is running your business card in some local throw away shopper, it’s time to get serious.
  • You know you will need some added SEO and a serious revamp of any marketing strategy you may have if your traffic numbers are low. If they are high, and your conversion rate is under one percent, this, too, is a clue you need marketing help.
  • If you haven’t had a website makeover in more than three years, it’s time to invest in some marketing. When was the last time you actually talked to and surveyed your customer or client base? You may think that marketing is just some added cost that does nothing or your business. You would be quite wrong, however, as marketing is one of the greatest weapons you can deploy to grow your business and dominate your competitors.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer