Coming voice and mobile search dominance: are you ready?

Posted on January 1, 2021 in Online Marketing

As  American small businesses prepare for a somewhat unpredictable new year, one thing does seem certain: voice and mobile search is likely to dominate. Have you prepared your online marketing strategy to take advantage of this opportunity? In some recent marketing data published at review42, the long term effect of voice and mobile search has been documented from such sources as Google, Statista, Adobe Analytics and many others. The following is taken direct from the published research data:

  • By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice activated.
  • 55% of households in the US are expected to own a smart speaker in 2022.
  • 20% of mobile queries are currently done with voice search.
  • Nearly 40 million Americans currently own a smart speaker.
  • 58% of people have used voice search to find information about a local business.
  • 72% of people who use voice search devices claim they have become part of their daily routines.
  • 43% of smart speaker owners use the technology to shop.
  • Online searches make up 47%, news comes in at 46%, and direct questions stand at 34%.
  • Voice-based searches using phones are also 3 times more likely to be specific to certain locations.
  • 72% of people who use voice search devices say they’ve become a part of their lives.
  • 61% of 25-64-year-olds say they’ll use their voice devices more in the future.
  • The projection is that by 2022voice search for shopping needs will have turned into a $40 billion industry.

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  • In comparison with the 55% of teens using voice search, 56% of adults said that they feel tech-savvy when using voice search mobile and speaker functions. The feeling of mobile searches is more personal for people than typing words.
  • According to word usage trends in voice searches, 20% of voice queries include 25 keywords.
  • Voice search results primarily come from the top 3 web rankings results.
  • The average length of voice searches is 29 words.
  • 51% of people who shop via voice use it to research products.
  • Nearly 5.5 million US adults make purchases with their smart speakers on a regular basis.
  • 28% of people go on to call the business they voice search for.
  • 52% of people who search by voice are interested in receiving info about deals, sales, and promotions from brands.
  • Around 3.25 billion people currently use voice-activated search and assistants worldwide. That’s close to half of the world’s population.
  • Reports predict that the number could hit 4 billion in 2020, 5 billion in 2021, and 6.4 in 2022.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer