Consumers are changing social media strategies

Are customers and clients actually changing the way businesses are approaching social media? Has there been a not so obvious shift in how social media campaigns are being created and launched? Are there social media platforms that are being ignored and dismissed despite evidence that your customers and potential customers are out there using a particular platform? In some recently published in-depth research done by Hubspot, it does appear as if the consumer has begun to dictate social media strategy as businesses scramble to make adjustments. The following is taken directly from that research and reveals what the future may hold for many small business social media strategies:

  • TikTok will take over social media, leaving other platforms to adapt A look at the rise of TikTok, and its growing dominance in the social media space. Also, how the other platforms are adapting to stay competitive.
  • Post-pandemic content will shape up to consumer needs The pandemic created a world of online content
    consumers. They have greater expectations, and tastes, in content. How will this shape content in the future, with an always-on, snackability-demanding audience?
  • Social ads will develop, as cookies get crunched The cookie is dying. How will this impact the future of social advertising, and how will brands continue to offer more personalized services, while remaining compliant?
  • Omnichannel engagement will change the way consumers engage with social media. Consumers are no longer loyal to one channel -leading to content diffusing cross-platforms faster than ever.

  • Social selling will simplify the customer journey As the pandemic drives more consumers to buy online, this trend will look deeper into how the social platforms are tackling social selling, and how its demand will grow in the future.
  • Maturing influencer marketing will finally come of age. Influencer marketing has grown up. With increased
    regulation and responsibility, more brands are taking them seriously. And following the pandemic, many have bigger and more engaged audiences than ever before. How will brands make the most of these opportunities?
  • Communities will develop, and take control Consumers have a voice. It may be fairly quiet, but
    when those voices come together, in vast social communities, they’re loud enough to change the world. Expect more vocality from users, and more socially driven changes from communities – with brands adapting quickly to react.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer