Consumers continue to stay loyal to local

As small businesses everywhere continue to battle on in the face of some difficult odds, it seems that consumers continue to support their local businesses over the national brands. Even with the ease of  buying online, the huge bulk of consumers would rather go out and shop local. In recent released research done by Denver based Red Egg Marketing, it shows just how loyal consumers are to their local businesses. The following is taken directly from the published research:

  • Surveyed over 1,600 Americans to find out what companies they’re more willing to support, and how often the average person goes out of their way to shop local. Over 60 percent of Americans consider a business “local” as long as it operates within their city’s limits. However, some of our respondents believe you have to be a bit closer to home to be considered “local” – 22 percent say a local business is one that operates within their neighborhood.

local business 1


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-Written by Kevin Sawyer