Why your content marketing is critical to your success

Many small businesses aren’t paying the proper attention to their content marketing as they should. Many don’t see how content is going to help their SEO marketing efforts. Content marketing just may be the most important cog in your marketing machine. Without it, you can’t hope to compete in today’s business environment. Here are just a few of the reasons you really need to integrate content marketing into your over all SEO marketing efforts.

  • The first reason is that it is the most effective way to build your brand awareness and establish trust with potential customers and clients. Publishing engaging and helpful content at regular intervals allows your audience to get to know you and your company. They begin to trust you as someone who will solve a problem and bring added value into their lives. Repetition is the key because your name recognition will be established when they are ready to buy what you have to sell.
  • It sets you up as a leader and an expert in your industry or profession. If you are providing people with helpful and useful information about what you do, it will give you a huge leg up on your rivals. You will be seen as a true, and trusted, expert with regard to what you do and the problems you will solve for them. Trust is everything.
  • It allows you to keep your site constantly fresh and in motion. You will not become stagnant. People will soon know that you will always post something new and exciting and helpful to them in their daily lives. Your SEO will be boosted, as well as your rankings, because you are always offering something new and engaging.
  • Your content marketing is a crucial call to action for your customers. You will continue to provide them with information and reasons to pull that trigger. Regular content updates lead to more traffic and more conversions for you. And, after all, isn’t that why you are in business?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer