If your content marketing hasn’t worked, try this…


It is quite critical to your business as well as your SEO and social media marketing to get your content shared. It doesn’t matter if it’s video, blog articles, infographics or pics. Getting that content shared is what your social media marketing is all about. Creating a buzz about you and your company and driving traffic to your site is what content marketing is all about.

There is really just a couple of ways that your content marketing isn’t working the way you want it to. Either you are not doing certain things out at your social media platforms regarding your content or you are but you’re doing everything wrong. So, let’s try and narrow down a few things that you may or may not be doing or what may or may not be happening to you.

You really don’t know what’s going on and your headlines are a joke (not the funny kind)

The first, and perhaps the most critical aspect of content marketing and getting things shared is you are out of touch. Are you really in tune with what people are really interested in knowing about? What type of content is actually being shared out at the social media sites you are on? Find out and tailor your content to it. There are plenty of analytical tools out there to research both subject matter and keywords. Find out what is really being shared. Also, your headlines just don’t work. It is not an easy thing to do so if you really can’t do it, find someone who can. The headline is everything. It’s what draws the viewer in to your content. Write a couple of headlines for everything and see which one will make you want to read and share. Ask around and get other opinions also.

You’re not helpful and too much of the hard sell

The worst thing that can happen is if someone stops reading or watching because what they are engaged in is not engaging to them. Is your content helpful and useful to them? Your viewers want to be educated and informed or entertained. They want something they will send along to their BFF’s. This gets in to your content itself. Is it too much of a sales pitch? The hard sell days are over. People want to know about things that interest them and how you are going to make their lies better or solve a problem for them. Do all of that and you may find some of your content actually going viral.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer