Why your content marketing may not be working as it should

Content Crossword Marker Concept

Content is the key to your overall SEO marketing success but it can be, for the most part, a tricky thing. It is a most fluid situation, changing as new priorities present themselves to your business. If you seem to have a handle on your content, if your team is keeping articles and videos in the mix, but you just don’t seem to be getting the ROI you need, then there may be a problem of two.

  • Review all of your SEO enhanced content. Without realizing it, you may be presenting everyone with the hard sell. No one wants to be sold. They want you to solve a problem for them or they want to feel good. Those are the only two reasons anyone ever buys anything. Your content needs to be engaging and it needs to be solving problems for them. Your content needs to bring added value into their lives. If it does, the traffic will follow.
  • Your content exists to drive traffic but it also exists as a tool for you to forge relationships with potential customers and clients. In this vein, your SEO ┬ácontent, and those who are creating it for you, might be clueless with regard to who they are trying to connect with. What’s your demographic? Who is your ideal customer? Where are they? Are you solving problems for them? Review your outlets and platforms. You may not be any where near those demographics you are trying to attract.
  • Your content may not be as unique and wonderful as you may think. How many times can they read about the same old things that they can find out about anywhere? Be unique. Come at them from a different angle. Shock them. Surprise them. Make them need you. You know what you do best. You know why they need you. Make sure your individual voice and brand is making it to them.
  • Say you have some wonderful and engaging SEO content. Can they find it? What social media platforms are you using? Are you promoting it properly with third party links and email campaigns? Don’t expect them to wander the wilderness in search of you. Go after them. Let them know where you are and how they need you. Finally, not all of your customers will be in the same place. Just don’t produce content designed to answer their questions or solve their problems that are all in the same place. Your customers are in different stages of their buying journeys so you need to know what those are and you need to address all of those concerns.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer