How your content marketing will make you stronger


If there is one marketing weapon you have that can help you to compete, and beat, the larger competitors as well as the national brands, it’s content marketing. Your content is more than just the center of your SEO marketing strategy. It is the tool that can do so many things to make your business stronger.

It is the center piece of any traffic driving strategy you may have. It is what it is designed to do. It is designed to be engaging information that your customers, and potential customers, need and want. It helps you to stand out from the proverbial crowd and gives them a reason to come to your site.

Creating and posting new content on a regular and consistent basis helps you to do exactly what advertising does but at a far less cost. By creating new and engaging content, both written and video, you are creating name recognition and brand awareness. You are creating opportunities for your audience to see who you are and why they need you and your products or services. By promoting your business out at your social media platforms, it, again, offers opportunity. The opportunity that people will be driven to your site, love you, and spread the word to all of their social networks.

Then, you have the chance to beat the Google god at its own game. If people really love your content, they will link to your site. That is a huge factor, if not THE factor, for SEO ranking favor. Google loves that you can attract quality links to your site. It shows authority and, by reflection, quality. Few things are more important than establishing credible and respected back links.

People seek information when they want to buy. Your content has been right there in front of them so when they are looking for what you have to sell, your business, your brand, will be in their mix simply because of your content marketing. Your content will, over time, establish your business as one of authority and you as a thought leader in your particular profession or industry. Because of all this, you project the image of a true expert, a true leader at what you do and what you sell. These things inject confidence and trust in your potential customers.

And to think, it all starts with your engaging content and its effective marketing.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer