Why your content and SEO strategies need to be coordinated

If it is one thing every team sport must do to win and to be successful over the long run, it is coordination. Your business is, indeed, a team and it needs to be properly interlinked and coordinated to be effective. There will be challenges as each of your teams will have different priorities. When your SEO team, or outside firm, is working smoothly and in a coordinated manner with your content team, you will soon discover that sweet spot that will drive the traffic you want.

  • The first challenge between the factions will be one of quantity versus quality. Your content people will strive for the best quality while your SEO team will want as much content as they can get. This is where the coordination and the balance comes in. Research finds that companies that run content on a regularly scheduled basis drive 97% more traffic than those that don’t. However, the search gods at Google demand quality content to rank higher so there must be that balance.
  • Your SEO boys and girls know exactly what they need to stimulate your organic search and your content team needs to be focused on that also. The SEO team has already done their extensive due diligence and know exactly what your audience is looking for, the problems you can solve for them as well as the keywords and phrases that will ignite the rankings and drive the traffic. Your content team needs to analyze that data and begin to integrate it all into the content production.
  • Both of your teams need to understand that this is a long term and ongoing process and it will take some time for your content to gain the leverage it needs to start ranking and driving traffic. This is where the coordination must continue. Both your SEO and content people need to gather together regularly to review the data that has been coming in and to adjust the strategies accordingly. You can’t have a great offense if no one is blocking and no one is catching. Your business is a team sport and your culture must reflect that or you will lead the door wide open for your rivals to come in and take you down.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer