Why your content strategy isn’t working

designer drawing website development wireframe

Your business has been up and running for a while and you have a great product or service that people need and want. So why is your SEO and content marketing failing you? Why are you not driving the traffic and making the conversions you should be? In recent research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and Regalix, over 70% of the companies studied don’t believe that their content marketing campaigns are working like they should be.

One thing that research has discovered is that businesses understand the importance of coordinating their SEO marketing along with their overall marketing especially content. It’s just that getting a handle on it seems elusive to that 70%. What the research is discovering is that buyers want to see different and more engaging content during each separate step of their buying journey. They want more comprehensive information that leads them, and convinces them, to, finally, pull that sales trigger.

Segregate your customers and other potential buyers by how your data determines they buy. When they finally arrive at your site, you should be making the conversions by leading them to where you want to go by your content marketing. Your content marketing is, indeed king, and is vital to your success and research states that it costs 60% less than your traditional advertising and marketing efforts but generates three times the leads for you.

You must have content integration and that certainly goes for your SEO marketing efforts. Your SEO and social media efforts must be tailored so as to drive traffic because only around ten percent of your website visitors are going to get converted there. Your overall content marketing strategy, especially SEO and social media, can increase your traffic so that the ten percent or so will, little by little, be a larger number and a greater market share. Your content provides the opportunity for you to create and maintain quality backlinks and organic search keywords as well.

Over 75% of all consumers are using search engines to find you so your content strategy and SEO best practices must be there to take advantage of that. The most successful are also reviewing their incoming data and their analytics at least two or three times a week. By doing this, you will be able to adjust your strategy on the fly to take advantage of what opportunities are being presented to you and your business at a given time.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer