Create product vids which actually move product

Is your company creating product videos which are actually moving product? Far too few small businesses these days are taking video marketing seriously enough. Because of this outlook, many businesses are leaving money on the table every day. In fact, many studies show that consumers who watch a product video have a 80%-95% conversion rate. Can you really afford to ignore such stats?

  • According to some latest research, close to 40% of companies are dumping their product videos, if they even have any, in some obscure location on their website. These companies are wasting money and valuable resources because customers are not going to scroll all over the place to find the video. Keep it simple. Hold their hand all the way to the checkout.

  • Your product videos must be on your product pages right with you descriptions and other images. Why? Here is what some recent research states: ecommerce pages with product videos convert 80%-95% after being watched; 74% of viewers who watched an explanation video bought the product after watching it; more than 60% will prefer to see a video rather than read a product description. Stats will vary but not by much.
  • The videos must be side by side with the other product images. Also, many forget to embed the little arrow on the thumbnail to indicate it actually is a video. Really? It must be a commercial for you. It must be exciting and engaging. If you don’t know how to do that, find someone who does. Too many small companies do amateur productions using themselves and relatives. You are not the star. Your products are. Stick your ego in a drawer. You need experienced and attractive actors doing your vids who are going to show visitors how you will solve a problem for them or how you will enhance their lives for the better.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer