Custom social media strategies key to future success

Can customizing your social media strategies be the key to your company’s future success? Social media has rapidly become a major factor in the success of small businesses everywhere and, the more targeted, the better the results seem. While strategies for B2C and B2B companies may slightly differ, the end game remains the same: reach as many qualified potential customers as possible with relevant content. Some recently published data released by SproutSocial reveals why the ever changing social media landscape can actually work toward your long term advantage. The following is taken directly from that published research:

  • Social media recently overtook paid search as an advertising channel, growing 25% YoY and exceeding $137 billion (just edging out search’s $135 billion).
  • Retargeting ads are the most-used among marketers, with 77% of B2B and B2C marketers alike saying they use retargeting as part of their Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies.

Graph showing social media statistics on network user growth between 2020 and 2021.

  • Consumers are six times more likely to make a purchase from a product page that includes pictures from social media (hint: don’t neglect UGC).
  • Social media users overwhelmingly trust other users as their “preferred” form of influencer, most likely to buy from them based on a product recommendation (37%) versus celebrities (7%).

Graph showing which social media platforms US marketers are planning to use for influencer marketing.

  • Privacy and data protection are “extremely impactful” and important to 52% of social media users.
  • As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms.
  • The average person bounces between seven different social networks per month.

Graph showing what most affects US social media users' decision to engage with ads on social media platforms.

  • The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is now higher than ever — 95 minutes per day.
  • TikTok is the fastest-growing social network with a staggering 105% user growth rate in the US over the past two years.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer