How customer testimonials can bring instant credibility

You want your brand marketing to have impact. You want it to build credibility and create trust. This, you know, is the way to build a long term and successfully growing company. You have your SEO and social media marketing strategies in place and they are humming right along. Is there more you can be doing especially if you are a new startup? Indeed there is. Gathering in and distributing customer and client testimonials can have an immediate and lasting impact on your company’s credibility. Establish credibility and it is just a very short hop to trust. Research continues to reveal that today’s consumer relies a great deal on peer reviews and the opinions of others when making their purchasing decisions. This is how your testimonials can have a lasting impact.

  • Your testimonials can quite likely be that final encouragement that a potential customer or client needs to pull the buying trigger. Written testimonials are great but video testimonials are even better. What will make these testimonials most effective is if they target those stumbling blocks and objections that have been preventing people from buying your products or services. That is something you need to figure out if you already haven’t. Why are people getting to the buying point and then stopping? Once you have those figured out, your testimonial strategy can begin to unfold.
  • The best testimonials come from satisfied customers and clients who can convincingly demonstrate how you helped them to get better or how you helped them solve a problem. Make sure the testimonial tells about the who the customer is, why they came to you and how, specifically, you made their company stronger. What makes a video testimonial so powerful is that potential customers and clients will see real people who had real problems, just like them, and can listen to them tell how you and your company were the answer they had been searching for.
  • If you are a retail situation almost exclusively, starting conversations with those that have already bought from you will prove helpful. Also, your social media platforms are another excellent chance to strike up potential testimonial conversations with those who have left positive comments. In the end, customer testimonials just may be the thing your company needs to put it over the top and to grab some serious market share from your rivals.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer