Digital marketing has begun to shift

Everything these days seems to be shifting and evolving almost daily. Online digital marketing is no different. As technology and customer focus shifts, so must everyone’s digital marketing strategies. It is important to study the trends of where things have begun to shift and to adapt as quickly as possible. Even the smallest of businesses can take advantage of such tools and strategies as automated processes, data gathering and pixel tracking.

  • One important shift that as been gaining momentum is that customers now expect some manner of instant response or messaging to an inquiry the may make. Live chat is fast becoming the norm in the business world. It offers the opportunity to stay in touch with potential customers around the clock and to be able to quickly evaluate and move on those quality leads.
  • Because of this, as well as Google’s obsession with instant gratification, business websites must adapt. Work hard on reducing the number of clicks a customer needs to make a buy. If it isn’t moving the customer forward quickly, get rid of it. Also, you had better have some quality in-depth product and service information for them or, even better, a video. If all of their possible questions can be answered, you will be well on your way to securing that sale.
  • If you have not integrated video into your marketing strategy then you are way behind. It increases sales by 70% and businesses of all sizes have revealed to researchers that video has upped their bottom lines in a major way. Make use of all of the data that just seems to be flying around these days. You can learn much about your customers and potential customers. By analyzing your data, you will be better able to personalize your approach to just about everyone.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer