Does your business really need a blog?

z11223 Does your small business really need a blog? Will it do you any real good? The answer is an unequivocal – yes! If you do nothing else, having a blog greatly boosts your SEO marketing abilities and is the one most effective things you can do for the overall health of your SEO efforts.

  •  It is a time consuming effort and you can’t leave it to amateurs or to yourself. Hire professional writers or a SEO marketing firm to handle it for you. Something this important you can’t leave to someone who doesn’t understand what is suppose to happen.
  • It’s a great way to secure some quality inbound links. It is a cost efficient way to brand yourself at your site, on social media and around the web. In addition, all of your social media content will transfer well to your onsite blog and will add even more fresh content.
  • Name your blog after your company. It adds to your credibility as an expert in your field or industry and does wonders for branding and name recognition. Provide useful information that adds value to the lives of your customers and visitors. Don’t forget to use your blog and social media to post recent news about your company or an exclusive profile on an employee or client.
  • You can re-package your content in the form of ebooks, videos and white papers. This adds to your standing as an expert and allows you to get more SEO marketing bang for your buck. Also, the more you write, the more Google loves you, Their new “author rank” system gets you inching up higher on the page ranking scale the more your name pops up associated with all new content.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer