Does your Facebook page need a boost?

untitled Your social media marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. These days, the success or failure of your business may very well depend on the activity you generate through your social media marketing.

  •  Your Facebook page must be your premier social media platform simply because of the sheer volume of potential customers and clients. One thing that can boost traffic, as well as “likes”, is giving your visitors a real behind the scenes look at your company. How many “About” pages do you travel to where there is just some boring text without even any pictures? Who are you? What are you really all “about”? Get those visuals going, especially photos and videos. Invite your visitors in and allow them to really get to know you and your company. Remember, people like doing business with people, or companies, they like.
  • With regard to videos, establish some play lists that feature what you do and highlight your products or services. Tutorials as well as behind the scene videos showing people your company and your staff are excellent ways to strike a chord and drive traffic.
  • A/B test as much as you can from your call to actions to which days and types of content is generating the most traffic and shares. Also, run contests and offer special deals to your Facebook visitors only. This keeps people engaged and coming back. They will begin to make your company Facebook page a regular stop in their online travels.
  • Integrate your Facebook presence with your other social media pages. By making your Twitter feeds as well as your Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest pages available there at your Facebook page, you offer your visitors an opportunity to get an overall feel and picture for what you and your company are really all about.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer