Does your social media engagement need a boost?

Becoming dominant with your social media marketing can be a tricky thing. There is so much that can wrong. There is so much that will decrease your reach and engagement. A poorly executed social media strategy can quite often drive current and potential customers right into the arms of your rivals.There are a few things, however, that you can do to prevent that.

  • You know who your customers are and so you should know where they are on social media. Tailor all of your content so that it is engaging and shareable. Make your content speak directly to that specific audience. Try various approaches until you find the content that is driving traffic.
  • Video drives traffic so use it and use it in live podcasts and seminars. Live video is watched three times more often than recorded video and recent research declares that nearly 60 percent of consumers want to see more live video.
  • Engage with everyone at all of the platforms you are on and constantly reach out to new demographics and influencers. Engage and talk about what they want to talk about and what is currently hot in your profession and industry.

  • Well over 90 percent of consumers read online reviews. So, reach out and ask people to comment and write reviews for your products and services. Feedback is critical data that can be used to refine your content and is a great way to engage and get people to do promotional videos for you.
  • You must be consistent with your posting. Create a schedule and stick to it so that those who wish to follow you know when something new is happening. Also, if you only post sporadically, you will not be taken seriously. Know what your brand is and keep bringing that home especially with visual content. Engagement numbers always soar when visuals are used especially video.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer