Dominate your rivals by dominating search

Getting a competitive advantage over your rivals means that you must come to dominate search in your industry or profession. It is not a simple process and it is one that you must be diligent about if you are to stay abreast of the constant changes happening in search. There is much involved but there are some core strategies that will allow you to dominate in the long run.

  • Nothing allows you to dominate your SEO efforts like page speed and content. You have less than four seconds to engage a visitor or that visitor is likely gone. Do everything you can to speed up the response time between your visitor’s request and your server. Your content must be engaging and useful to your visitors. It must solve a problem or bring some sort of enhanced value to their lives. Organize your site so that your content presentations make sense and are easy to get to. Be conversational but remember those keywords and long tail phrases and LSI strategies..
  • You must be mobile. If you are not mobile, you will be left in the dust. Your online presence must be optimized for mobile across all mobile devices. Coming into 2018, about 70% of all online searches will be done from a mobile device and this will only increase in domination as time goes on. User experience is the present buzzword that is here to stay and will be soon written in stone. The search engines, especially Google, place a tremendous amount of weight on what they perceive to be user experience. This means ease of navigation, ease of checkout, cut down on your use of graphics, and forget pop ups. Your site must be simple to use with calls to action everywhere so that you can gently lead your visitors toward the conversion.
  • Start boosting your engagement with the wide and varied use of video. Make your commercials, announce your podcasts, make those mini documentaries that take your visitor behind the scenes at your company. While written content will always be the bedrock of your content production, video has begun to play an ever increasing role in the quest to dominate search.
  • Go after those influencers hard and work your social media so that it is fluid and always leads to your website. Don’t try and preach or over educate at your social media platforms. Bring some mystery some fun and a chatty friendly atmosphere that will prompt your visitors to click over to your site. Make them like you. Finally, make sure you have quality links because they will reflect on you and you want that reflection to be one of honesty and integrity.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer