If you don’t have a blog, you’re way behind…


There are those small businesses around who believe that they don’t need a blog at their website. Many claim that they can’t see any real and tangible value in it. They tend to say the same thing about SEO. These, sadly, are the small businesses that are way behind their rivals who have been posting content and working their SEO marketing strategies hard.

Blogs, and content marketing, exists to drive traffic to your site and to help you make those conversions that you need. It allows you to become a trusted expert in your field of expertise which, in turn, inspires trust and confidence in your company’s products or services. A company blog has become an essential, and critical, part of every businesses success these days. Without this basic SEO and marketing tool, you really have no chance of success in the long term.

The United States is, currently, the world leader as 30% of the world’s blog originate in America. In fact, blogs have become extremely important to consumers with regard to evaluating a product or service they are looking to buy. Recent research unveils that over 80% of consumers trust what they read in a blog and over 60% of them feel more informed and engaged after reading a company content piece as well as the blog being the final piece needed for them to pull that conversion trigger.

Having a blog is allowing you direct communication with a potential customer or client. It allows you to talk to them in an informal way about your company and your products or services. It shows them that there are real people, who are true experts, behind the logo and the website. It keeps everyone connected to you and allows new people to find you through your SEO and content marketing.

According to recent data from HubSpot, nearly 60% of those companies with a blog have generated warm or hot leads from their blog and those that continue to have an engaging blog, are growing to the tune of 165% over their rivals who don’t have a blog. Blogging, time after time, proves to the be the hinge that swings your SEO and your traffic to you.

Your company blog has now become the true lifeline to your business. Even if you say that you can’t afford to have one, the real question should be; can you really afford NOT to have one?

-Written by Kevin Sawyer