Driving conversions should be what your social media is all about

Your social media marketing strategy should be concerned with only one bottom line prospect and that is to drive traffic and make conversions. That is, after all, why you started your business in the first place. Some business owners think that social media is a complicated affair and don’t throw the resources into it that they should while still others leave it to interns or their teenage niece to handle. Both are mistakes because social media marketing is one of the best weapons you have for increasing your bottom line.

  • Your social media audience is connecting with you and your brand because they are interested in buying what you have to sell. Avoid the black hole so many companies fall into. No one wants the hard sell out at social media. Go with more content that solves problems and brings added value into their lives. Sure, have your promotions, let them know why you are great but also give them the kind of content that lets them know you and your company in a more intimate way. Just give them commercials and they will stop coming.
  • Expand beyond your natural organic and regional boundaries. Such platforms as Facebook and Instagram have the reach for you to do this especially if your products can be sold on a national or international basis. You will have to make an advertising investment but the specific demographics you can target should boost your conversions significantly.
  • You must put up content, both written and video, on a regular schedule. Don’t post so much that it overwhelms your audience but enough for them to know that it will be worth their time to visit you. Never forget to address comments immediately. That most especially applies to any negative feedback or comments you get. You must begin the dialogue and try and make things right. Social media users expect a response to a negative comment within the hour so never ignore them. Finally, understand and use your data. Understand the analytics so that you can further target your social media marketing efforts for more traffic and more conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer