Are these landing page disasters killing you?


zzzzzzzz9999999  Your landing page is all part of a critical chain in the success of your SEO marketing as well as the success of the business itself. If your SEO and your social media marketing is doing the job, then you are getting some serious traffic to your site. But, once they get there, are you losing them? Do you even know?

So, is it really working for you?

A great landing page will mean all the difference in conversions as well as an overall savings on your marketing and advertising budget. It is all about the conversions. Forget all of the fancy graphics and slide shows. That’s for amateurs who really don’t know what they are doing. You want your visitors immediately engaged and driven to action. That’s it. If your landing page isn’t doing that, fix it so that it does.

More landing page conversions helps any PPC strategy you have going and will also lead to stronger SEO page rankings. Page load time is critical and must come in under three seconds or your visitors are clicking away. Once they are at your landing page, they must immediately be shown how they must act and that they must act now. Again, forget the graphic designers and get yourself some real marketers. Otherwise your page might look pretty but only your mother will visit. Make it simple for them to buy what you are selling. If not, they are bouncing to your competitor.

Lean, mean, and a value machine…

Again, go clean and stay clean. Remember that graphic designers might know what they are doing with graphics but few know anything about marketing. Your page exists to generate leads and make sales. That’s all. If there is anything else going on, get rid of it. One must have on your landing page is testimonials. People tend to put great stock in what other people think. If you are getting good reviews, put them up there. It enhances your image and builds immediate trust for you and your company.

Finally, never let them get away sooner than they have to. Keep them there with a discount or a special offer or even a free gift. Play right and play fair or the Google gods will crush you. Keep that landing page to your site one of the best weapons you have for generating leads and making those conversions.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer