Ecommerce hacks that boost conversions

Staying on top of your ecommerce SEO and sales strategies is no easy thing. The key to success is getting them to hear you and then getting them to take action. Customer tastes and behavior are ever shifting these days so it is critical to stay abreast of the latest trends and behaviors that will get them to listen and to buy.

  • Influencers are everywhere and they are paid close attention to. Most consumers today seem to need the endorsement of someone else in order to make a purchase. Make sure your influencers are in line and pay attention to the latest ecommerce trend of micro-influencing. Find those bloggers who specialize in your particular niche or who write about products you happen to sell. Combine that with product demos and watch those conversions climb.
  • I am sure you have heard it before and, perhaps, seen the research on it but email is your best friend. far too many small businesses don’t bother trying to craft a proper email strategy. Recent research, especially some done at Search Engine Journal, has found that nearly 70% of customers surveyed made a purchase based on a piece of email marketing. Those that tended to work best for ecommerce companies were those based on upcoming sales, promotions and discounts as well as those that hailed in each new season in an effort to move seasonal merchandise.
  • In conjunction with the email strategy, apply it to targeted and special social media promotions and campaigns. Make them time sensitive. Convince them that they will miss out if they don’t act right now. Make sure everything is optimized for mobile. You can’t afford to lose out on mobile traffic as nearly 70% of traffic is coming from a tablet or a phone.
  • Start adapting to voice search technology and start adapting to it now. Latest research out of ComCore finds that a little more than half of all searches with be done via voice search by 2020. Concentrate on long tail key phrases. Start adapting to how search is swaying from direct keywords to extended phrases.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer