Email campaigns are a disaster? Here’s why…

One of the most effective marketing weapons you have is a properly executed email campaign. The trouble is, of course, few entrepreneurs and business owners have any idea how to really do it right. These days, competition is so brutal, and attention spans so ridiculously short, that you simply can’t risk leaving your marketing efforts to amateurs. Email can be an incredible traffic driver if you understand how the best methods work.

  • The first priority is your subject lines. They are like a great headline on a blog article. It must force the reader to open the email. If your subject lines are less than engaging, it doesn’t matter what is in the body of the email because no one will ever read it. Getting personal is the best option as well as asking engaging questions. Keep them short; less than seven words is best.
  • Your content must be as personal as possible. Like all good sales strategies, you must be solving a problem or bringing added value to their lives. Be conversation and to the point like you are chatting with a friend. Tell them who you are and what your company does. This is not literature, it is sales. If you don’t know how to do it, find someone that does.
  • Stay as simple as possible. No long winded explanations. If they don’t understand what you do and what you sell, you have wasted your time. Put them under some sort of time pressure. Your offer will only last for so long. They need to take advantage now or lose a opportunity. Build your case and your credibility. Don’t tell them that you are the greatest company ever because that makes you sound like an amateur.  Tell them why they need you and why so many before them love you and trust you. Make sure you end with an urgent call to action and give them some sort of incentive to do so.
  • Finally, forget all of the fancy formatting. Forget all of those ridiculous colors, GIF’s and emoji’s. They look amateurish and distract the eye and the mind from your message. Bold, italics and underlining will work just fine as will bullet points. Your logo, as well as a photo of yourself, always boosts the response rate too.