Email is your SEO secret weapon

Many small businesses are beginning to realize the value of email and how it can actually improve their SEO marketing efforts. When first considered, email may not look like the SEO secret weapon that it is but, when truly examined, it becomes rather astonishing that more small companies are not using it to drive traffic and gain conversions. In some recent research published at Entrepreneur magazine, the research declared that email and organic search are actually the two major marketing channels that are diving traffic.

  • One major ranking factor you need to boost is your social media activity. Google, of course, will never reveal this, but a recent study looked at 23 million social media shares and discovered that the top four ranking positions on any Google search are those sites who were most active at Google+ and Facebook. Google takes social media activity into serious consideration when a search is conducted. Shares can boost your SEO so next time you post, send out an email blast asking everyone to share especially any subscribers you may have. Sending out to them will greatly reduce you bounce rate also.

Infographic from Entepeneur magazine

  • Boost your SEO efforts by archiving your email content. It is a shame to develop great content and then just delete it. It brings in new customers and you can re-purpose it at will. Your email newsletters can mean a huge difference in SEO and traffic gains so make certain you have plenty of them on file for visitors to browse. You just never know what may entice someone to buy from you at a particular time. Finally, don’t forget those product and service reviews especially if you are heavily invested in the local market and in organic search. You can, according to Moz, increase your local search ranking nearly 15% if you have a ton of positive reviews. The more reviews you have, and the more positive they are, the higher up in a SERP you will likely be.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer