Employee engagement can significantly improve your reach


Recent marketing industry statistics continue to be consistent with what has been going on for awhile. When you get your employees to engage with the company’s branding strategies, the company’s image, SEO, and branding efforts are significantly increased. There are few greater weapons in your branding strategy than your current employees.

Here are some recent, and vital, marketing industry statistics that will help with your branding and SEO strategies:

  • When your employees get involved, when your content and brand messages are re-posted by them, they are shared 24 times more than if you just relied on the company’s website and social media.
  • ┬áJust having your employees share the company’s content with their social media networks will boost traffic and brand awareness 561 times more than just your standard SEO and company social media marketing efforts.
  • Believe it or not, your employees have ten times the following at their social media pages than your company does.
  • When your employees share your content, the engagement factor is 8 times what it would be if they didn’t share it.

All of this is right in line with people wanting to do business with people, not entities. People trust other people before they trust companies or corporations. Peer evaluation and recommendations are a huge factor in business success these days especially with Gen Y and the Millennials.

  • Sales people that activate their own personal social media networks end up outselling their rivals by nearly 80%.
  • Companies who integrate blogs into their SEO strategies are getting a 13% higher ROI than their rivals who aren’t running company blogs.
  • The conversion rate on leads developed through employee social media pages have 7 times the conversion rate.
  • Again, over 90% of the current buyers out there trust peer reviews and recommendations more than they trust a brand or their website and social media.
  • Almost 30% of employees who are involved in company branding have a higher retention rate and are more enthusiastic about the company than those who don’t.
  • Almost 90% of companies realize that online reputation management has become crucial to their survival and that their employee engagement can help decrease the incidents of negative comments and reviews.

So, if you haven’t done so already, get those employees fired up and engaged out on their social media channels. It really is a win-win for everyone.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer